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Empathy for Parents of Special Needs Children: Coping & Help

Having a special needs (SN) child brings with it many of the typical joys of parenting, but let’s not kid ourselves into believing that there aren’t major drawbacks for the parents. As a psychologist and parent of a special needs child of my own, I have detected several negative effects which I’ll describe in detail below.

Why Self-Care Is Essential to Parenting

Parenting can be stressful under the best of circumstances, but moms and dads of children with developmental and mental health challenges often have to deal with strain of a different magnitude. Caring for a child with special needs can become a full-time job — and an overwhelming one at that, if you...


Caravel’s autism health specialists work every day in the homes of families living with autism. They know firsthand how much is required of these parents – who need to bring more than the average amount of strength, perseverance and resourcefulness – day after day. “The challenge can be daunting,”...

5 Targeted Interventions Supporting Parents of Children with Special Needs, Parents Facing Special Adversities, and Parents Involved with Child Welfare Services

The previous chapter describes universal and widely available interventions designed to strengthen parenting and support parents of young children. This chapter turns to evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions used in a variety of settings (e.g., health care, education, the home) with some evidence of effectiveness in supporting parents and parenting knowledge, attitudes, and...

Will Monetary Gifts Affect My ASD Child’s Government Benefits?

Get a FREE issue of Autism Parenting Magazine at Question:  As the holidays are upon us, my son will be receiving cash as holiday gifts from grandparents and aunts and uncles. We are currently preparing to ensure he can receive government benefits as he will be turning 18 in February. Will these gifts be a problem for him being able to qualify for government […] The post Will Monetary Gifts Affect My ASD Child’s Government Benefits? appeared first on Autism Parenting Magazine. ...
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