Has your child’s diagnosis left you wondering if autism treatment exists or what’s possible? I understand. When it happened to me I felt totally lost and hopeless, and abandoned by healthcare practitioners.

I’m here to offer you my story of finding hope for healing to encourage you on your journey with autism. Treatment DOES exist, and I know this through my experience with my son.

Finding Out the Diagnosis

It was three days before Mother’s Day, and the Early Intervention team was coming to my house to tell me the results of my son’s evaluation for autism.

I knew as soon as I opened the door that it was not going to be good news. My heart sank.  They were quiet and polite, but their body language was screaming. The meeting began, and they started talking about what they noticed during the autism evaluation.

I finally stopped them and said, “look, I need you to tell me if he has autism or not, then you can tell me the rest.”  Talking around it like they were afraid to tell me was driving me nuts.

One of the therapists sighed and said, “his cognitive abilities are normal, but he has moderate severity autism.”