…some doctors have been paying attention to the huge and growing amount of anecdotal evidence that CBD, which is contained in cannabis and the hemp plant, is effectively easing the symptoms of autism in children with the condition.

Autism is a complicated condition that presents through various symptoms that differ from one patient to the next, and to varying degrees. According to the National Autistic Society of UK, autistic people have a different way of seeing, hearing and feeling the world compared to normal people. Therefore, autism is not a disease that can be “cured,” but rather managed, and most people with the condition regard it as an integral part of their identity.

The big headache

The issue is that the existing treatment for autism is never straight-forward, which forces physicians and patients alike to look for other alternatives. Patients with autism try to control the condition using behavior modification therapies and special diets alongside antipsychotic medication. However, there is no one true cure for autism.