Everyone knows that physical fitness and exercise lead to better physical health. But it is less widely known that fitness and exercise can have positive effects on mental and behavioral health as well. 

Studies have shown that exercise improves attention, concentration and organizational skills, and also reduces problem behaviors. This page contains information from experts about the importance of fitness and how you and your family can improve your fitness and achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Can exercise improve behavior? Help encouraging a child who has autism
Expert advice from Daniel Coury, MD, medical director of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network(AS-ATN) and a developmental-behavioral pediatrician with Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

10 tips for finding the best sports program for people with autism
From our Autism Response Team

Supporting Youth with Autism in Sports and Physical Activity Programs
From Leading the Way: Autism Friendly Youth Organizations, an Autism Speaks tool kit

Below is a post by Jackie Ceonzo, Executive Director and Founder, SNACK & Friends, Inc (Special Needs Activity Center for Kids)